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Why do I read? #IREADBECAUSE

My good friend over at Book Savvy Review recently asked me why I read and I’m eager to tell her!

I started reading at a very young age after receiving a free book voucher from my secondary school (I was an under achiever and the school were just happy I was sitting still and reading something at all!)

The first book I ever remember reading to the end is called Martin the Warrior by Brian Jacques.

The books, if you didn’t already know (shame on you) are adventure stories helping young readers ease away from their usual predetermined (and usually boring) school books and on to more adult-ish themes such love, loss, friendship and family.

The great thing about these books are that the characters are all animals which helped make this book more accessible to me and to other people my age.

So back to the question: Why do I read.

Reading helps keep me still and lets me escape my mundane surroundings to distant shores or deep jungles in an instant, which is something I’m  eagerly trying to replicate in my adult hood but with a plane ticket and not a bookmark!

I play a lot of video games for the same reason; escapism.

I feel that books and video games are much better than the other medium; movies, because you can adapt the story arcs and the speed in which they progress to run at your own pace, where as a movie is someone else’s narrative that just takes you along for the ride.

So in closing I read because nothing has the power to capture your imagination quite like…well..your own imagination!


So tell me why you read guys!

Holly @ BookaholicConfessions

Venus @ ViewsOfVenus

Michael @ Goandria

6 thoughts on “Why do I read? #IREADBECAUSE

  1. I started reading young. I liked learning (I grew out of that phase unfortunately), and reading way a great way to do that. I was always reading at a higher level, and significantly faster than most of my classmates. I too love the escapism, even though I primarily read modern books set in modern times. I started writing young too. Some hilariously terrible poetry lol. Reading was fun! Imagining the characters in your head, and staying with them past THE END. Until you started a new book. I need to go finish the one I started last weekend.

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  2. Yeah, books are really great to set out for adventures! I started reading at age 7, when I was obviously still very young. 🙂 My first book was Thomas Mayne Reid’s “The Giraffe Hunters”. I still consider it as an awesome book. I started writing at the same age, after reading my first book xD
    I read because it helps me to travel into different worlds and get to know more, to discover things I couldn’t even dream about before. 🙂 I listen to music for the same reason. As for watching movies, I don’t really enjoy it, because when you watch movies, everything is already brought up to you – the characters’ appearance, the environment, everything. But when you read a book or listen to music, you make everything up on your own, the only thing author gives you is a description of characters and environment, but how you imagine them and how you feel the book – is up to you. And in music, composer gives you only a title of his work, how you feel music and what you imagine – is up to you. That’s why music and books are more engaging and interesting for me. 🙂

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