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Female Sexuality in Literature

Prior to the 1900’s ideas regarding sexuality, particularly female sexuality, were fairly restricted and taboo. Modes of sexuality that breached the norm such as homosexuality and sexual liberation amongst women were “viewed as deviant”[1] and if a woman promoted sexual self-confidence and assertiveness, they would be severely frowned upon. However, during the sexual revolution of… Continue reading Female Sexuality in Literature

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Identity in Literature

‘Identity’ refers to “the collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known”[1], in other words, what makes a person unique or distinctive. ‘Identity’ as a theme can be a somewhat problematic concept, however, because authors and poets often construct complex and unfathomable characters. Writers will often construct… Continue reading Identity in Literature

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The Concept of Time in “To the Lighthouse”

In modernist literature, “Time comes to be conceived as a complex phenomenon composed of different temporalities or speeds, and in which past, present and future interpenetrate”[1]. This is recognised in James Joyce’s renowned modernist novel Ulysses, in which “the close connection between time and matter is heavily emphasised.”[2] Joyce uses stream of consciousness as a… Continue reading The Concept of Time in “To the Lighthouse”