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Female Sexuality in Literature

Prior to the 1900’s ideas regarding sexuality, particularly female sexuality, were fairly restricted and taboo. Modes of sexuality that breached the norm such as homosexuality and sexual liberation amongst women were “viewed as deviant”[1] and if a woman promoted sexual self-confidence and assertiveness, they would be severely frowned upon. However, during the sexual revolution of… Continue reading Female Sexuality in Literature

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Gender & Sexuality in “The Well of Loneliness”

Only in recent years has the recognition – and respect – of ‘sexual inversion’ begun to emerge; sexual inversion “was the medical term used in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to explain the phenomenon of homosexuality”[1] as an innate reversal of gender traits. To elaborate, the female invert was inclined to stereotypically male… Continue reading Gender & Sexuality in “The Well of Loneliness”